Friday, January 11, 2008

Chris's Birthday at Papa's

Chris cutting the cake
Thanks Jane for the Suprise!!!
(I like my new shirt -- great "farmer" style)
Mabira Forest Hike
January 08
Chris at the top -- awesome view!
Chris, Ntambala, and Melissa in the humid forest
Mabira Forest intertwined with sugar cane plantations

Sperling Jerry Can
(The first but unofficial installment of 2008 – our Equip letter will come in the spring)

Hello Friends and Family, January 10, 2008

We trust that you are all off to great start to 2008. We are also looking forward to a great new year in 2008.

We have moved into our new house in Wanyange Lake Village which is just 12km east of Jinja Town and a half hour walk from the Jinja YWAM base. We have a great view of Lake Victoria and some islands just off the shoreline. The lake brings us cool breezes throughout the day but also swarms of Lake Flies at night as well as a host of mosquitoes. We are battling with the insects; we are putting up screens on all of our window vents, the mains windows we just close up around 6.30 or 7.00pm. We also have a great view of the fishermen pot-lamping at night (apparently legal here); the lake lights up like a string of white Christmas lights at night when the waters are calm.

This last year we were able to connect with Habitat for Humanity Uganda through our friend Patrick Okrut and land a very big grant of 100 homes to be built under OKM. These homes will be paid for by the successful applicants in the form of a loan; this loan money will go back into Orphans Know More accounts to continue OKM work. We estimate the value of this project to be close to USD 300,000. Now we start the big job of finding all the needy people able to pay of these loans for new houses, and then managing the revolving fund that will be created once loan repayments start. We are excited that we will have the Ferdinando family from the US come to join us to help manage the OKM Housing Project.

.This last year included seed distribution and training people in ox-plowing techniques as well as having time with the various members of Bushfire and OKM (Orphans Know More). This year will include more of the same but it looks like there will be a Bushfire Farm and an OKM farm which I will be managing. These farms have slightly different goals and modes of operation but basically they are there to help the ministries and the families benefit from the income and food created by these farms. The Bushfire Farms will be on an 80 acre piece of land and the OKM farm is on about 8 acres. Please pray that all the necessary funding and organizational details will come into place for these to be successful enterprises.
Jane in traditional dressJane has started to feel better recently (although not too well the last few days). She has been Malaria-free for a few weeks now and we hope she can stay that way after over 10 bouts of malaria in the last half of 2007. Please pray that we will have good health in 2008 and also pray for our safety on Uganda’s crazy roads as we (especially Chris) travel SO much.

Last but not least a BIG THANKS to all of you who have so generously given financially and have spent time in prayer for us this last year. Your sacrifice and your generosity allow us to serve here as well-equipped missionaries.

We would appreciate if you would consider renewing your support for the upcoming year by sending in your yearly amount this month (in the form of a one-time gift or in monthly cheques – whatever suits you). This helps us to plan and to know what to do as far as fundraising. Thanks to all who rallied for the end-of-year giving. I (Chris) will not have to come back to Canada for fundraising thanks to your generosity. Thanks especially to our life group and Church at South Abbotsford Church (BC), to Cecil Lake Church (BC), and Lucky Lake Christian Fellowship (SK) as well as to our close friends and family who have really been faithful in your care for us.

WE will be having my parents here for a bout a month starting on Monday ()14th), so we are all really excited and hope to go for a game drive in Western Uganda with them. Kerri (my cousin who teaches our boys) is having her parents here for two weeks as well (they arrive with my parents).

Lots of Love
Chris and Jane,
Andrew, Kenny, Albert and Isaiah
Chris, on a recent hike in Mabira Forest (sugar cane and forest below).
Fred and a farm worker help pull seedling up for our OKM seed distribution in the fall.Equip Donations in Canada:

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