Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Come Let's Dance

Does not having blogged for a while mean I am too busy doing other stuff! Well probably, but I guess one of the qualities of a good blogger is that they find the time and have th discipline of sitting down and getting something down on (cyber) paper. My excuses -- a couple kids broke limbs, one had a snake bite, Jane has been gone for a number of days helping solve "family issues" in the village and I have been busy teaching Farming God's Way. So... let's see if I can actually make some of these excuses into a decent blog entry...

I am so thrilled to be teaching Farming God's Way at a small vocational school ( 0°27'1.41"N, 32°19'17.24"E) just north-west of Kampala in a district called Wakiso near a little trading center called Mwera . What is thrilling is that I have a captive audience of 5 young men (my students) and the farm manager as we go through the FGW material both in class and in the field. I first heard about the training opportunity when a Ugandan called Ben e-mailed my colleague Karl Buchholz about getting a trainer out at their CLD (Come Let's Dance) campus. At the time Karl and I were headed out the door (almost literally) to leave for South Africa and Lesotho where we both successfully did our FGW in-field mentorship. Ben needed a trainer - he had a school, students, land, a farm manager and funding, would we help to train the students? After coming back from South Africa I met Josh, an American, at one of our monthly FGW forums who also works with CLD and we made arrangements for me to make my first visit out to the vocational farm. I have returned every week since and have now got a bit of a routine where I stay for two days and a night meanwhile running classes and field work (practicals) for about two full days. I am so excited about teaching at the CLD school as this is an opportunity to train and disciple 5 young men and the farm manager in Kingdom Agricilture. They are all eager to learn and are excited to do a lot of hands on stuff! The education system here is full of a lot of theory but not much practical hands on experience. These guys will have a wealth of experience by the tie they finish in February. We'd love your prayers as we seek to change the nation through people such as these young guys!

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