Thursday, March 10, 2011

Off to Arua


 Soon I will be enjoying a low elevation flight from Entebbe up to the West Nile region of Uganda. The rolling hills and the papyrus swamps will pass alternately under the wings of the little Eagle Air plane as we head North-West, first over the Central Buganda region and then over the north end of Lake Albert where the White Nile flows into the northern tip of Lake Albert and then very quickly out and north towards Sudan and then we will finally  land at Arua Town where it is most likely to be very hot and dry. I have been invited by the Director of Here is Life, Isaac Anguyo to help them train their Agriculture teacher at their Technical School. We will also see if we can do some planning for the hundreds of acres of land they have. They want, like so many other ministries here to make their ministry self-sustaining through farming projects. 

It is exciting to have the chance to get Farming God's Way started in West Nile. The people of the West Nile region, the Lugbara, are known to be hard working people. The specific place is called Aringa which is actually a separate area with it's own dialect of the Lugbara language. Pray that God will work in and through me to encourage these people to let His Kingdom come in the area of agriculture -- so that his glory may be revealed in how they live and farm everyday. 

Pray for the agriculture teacher Godfrey whom I will be spending a lot of my week with; pray that he will catch the spirit of Farming God's Way -- having a heart for the poor and helping them in wisdom (Psalm 41:1)

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