Saturday, December 26, 2009

FGW seminar

Here are some pictures taken during the practical part of the seminar on Tuesday when we put in our "Well Watered Garden". The seminar was put on for our church (Deliverance Church Walukuba) so that they can be envisioned about the work we will be doing in the rural churches here in Uganda through Deliverance Church.

The pictures of the soil in the glass illustrate conventional farming soil and FGW soil after 2 crops (10 months) of using FGW practices (from  my garden at home). The FGW soil is the one with clear water as it holds together well because of all the various roots and organic matter that give it structure. The turbid one represents how easily regular soil slumps and is washed away by rainwater. FGW makes a difference.

Blessings Chris

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