Tuesday, January 12, 2010

eight years

Yesterday Jane and I celebrated eight years of marraige. It has been eight years of God's faithfulness -- with Jane going through 4 C-sections and a major illness after Kenny's birth. Along with trips back and forth between Canada and Uganda and the deaths in Jane's family, it has not been a very easy eight years but God has been faithful to us and has kept us faithful to Him. We praise Him for that!

We celebrated by first going out to a local restaurant for Ugandan food and then we met up with our friends, Francis and Adrienne who are still honeymooning here in Jinja -- they were celebrating 10 days of marriage! We enjoyed a romantic candlelit evening at Gately on the Nile. We had lots of laughs and exchanged stories about how some of the local tribes send relatives (such as an Aunt) to make sure things go well on the honeymoon.

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violet said...

Congratulations. You're as gorgeous a couple as ever!!

primrose said...

YAY! 8 years brother, thats a long time! Congratulations! I love you both and miss you.