Friday, October 19, 2007

House Update
L-> R Our bedroom (first two windows,, next window --the study/classroom, front door, living room windows)

Insde the Living room looking thru the prison bars -- yes we need burglar proofing here in Uganda -- can't take the theives lightly. Almost every house has bars on the windows.

The windows before being installed

The house is just about finished -- thanks for all your prayers and gifts (MOM and DAD -especially) that have made this happen.

The plastering inside is just about done. The plumbing is about half done and the electrical just needs to be hooked up.

Now we gotta start working on the yard if we want to be there in a month.
Kalera's Grad etcThe most beautiful lady -- Jane

L-> R Aunt Sarah, Mama Dan, Kalera, Jane, Chris
Jane and Mama Dan were VERY TRIED - they had been working the lsst couple weeks on preparing Papa's home and organizing the party and then, to avoid a Kampala traffic jam -- which would have not allowed them to get to the grad ceremony on time -- they took a 20km boda boda ride (motorbike) with both on one bike.

The homestead at Papa's -- nicely cleared for the party.

Batamuliza, Kenny and Albert (Cousins)

Isaiah and Kerri

Our new driver -- Isaiah
Hello Friends,

We just wanted to show you a few pics and let you know we love you all!!

I have been busy teaching for the last week at the YWAM base in Jinja. I taught School of Community Development for four days. We made a yoke with the students and gave them a taste of ploughing yesterday as we took them for an outing to Bushfire. They seem to have enjoyed the teaching.

Our digital camera is broken so I will send pics of the training when my studenst send me some pics.

The rest of the pics are of us and recent events such as a trip to the pool and Jane's brother's grad party and ceremony.

Love ya all.
Chris for the gang

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's break time at Bushfire and that means maize poridge for everyone.

Some pics of the kids enjoying the morning meal.
Albert at the pool in Entebbe after getting Kerri from the airport

Around the table at the pool at Lake Victoria Hotel (Kerri with glasses)

Hello Friends
hope you're all doing well.

We're happy to hve my cousin Kerri here with us. She came a few weeks ago now ans we are so happy to have her. She is teaching the boys and is doing a really good job.

We are getting ready for Augustine's (jane's bro) grad and grad party this weekend. Gonna be a big event. Jane has spent a lot of time away in Luweero getting ready for it. The party will be at Jane's dad's place with friends and family from all over!

We're doing well... we are not affected here by the floods but you can pray for our friends in Eastern and Northern Uganda. It's pretty bad there where it's hard to get thru on the roads.

God bless love U all...