Friday, October 19, 2007

Kalera's Grad etcThe most beautiful lady -- Jane

L-> R Aunt Sarah, Mama Dan, Kalera, Jane, Chris
Jane and Mama Dan were VERY TRIED - they had been working the lsst couple weeks on preparing Papa's home and organizing the party and then, to avoid a Kampala traffic jam -- which would have not allowed them to get to the grad ceremony on time -- they took a 20km boda boda ride (motorbike) with both on one bike.

The homestead at Papa's -- nicely cleared for the party.

Batamuliza, Kenny and Albert (Cousins)

Isaiah and Kerri

Our new driver -- Isaiah
Hello Friends,

We just wanted to show you a few pics and let you know we love you all!!

I have been busy teaching for the last week at the YWAM base in Jinja. I taught School of Community Development for four days. We made a yoke with the students and gave them a taste of ploughing yesterday as we took them for an outing to Bushfire. They seem to have enjoyed the teaching.

Our digital camera is broken so I will send pics of the training when my studenst send me some pics.

The rest of the pics are of us and recent events such as a trip to the pool and Jane's brother's grad party and ceremony.

Love ya all.
Chris for the gang

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