Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our eyes are feasting!

Hello Friends and Family,

I recently had the pleasure of attending the graduation of the 6 studenst at the first Come, Let's Dance (CLD) Vocational Agricultural School Graduation. This was the first class to graduate after finishing their Farming God's Way Course. I have been the Instructor for these great men and have enjoyed my time seeing them grow in their knowledge of the kingdom of God and farming.The day was ideal except for the early morning downpour that mucked up the roads pretty good and put out the fire on the pig-roasting spit -- but hey, which farmer is 'gonna complain about rain, right? The day turned sunny quickly and the stage and tent were set up in the middle of the beautiful fields on the farm. Guests and students enjoyed a wonderful and meaningful ceremony with the beautiful and appropriate backdrop of the lush green crops.These young men are now equipped to bring lasting, meaningful and grass-roots change to Africa. They have been taught how to live out the Kingdom on their land!

I decided to take a few of my model farmers from my region along with me for the graduation ceremony. I knew they would find the farm inspiring and they would make more connections with more enthusiastic farmers. Shortly after arriving I told a couple of "my" farmers that I needed to be busy helping to set up and I wouldn't be able to give them a proper tour right away. One piped up right away " that's OK, our eyes are feasting!". They were so thrilled with their day and I believe it will encourage them in their farms and churches (many of my model farmers are also pastors).

Well, onto the next exciting FGW event! This week I will be helping to facilitate the National FGW workshop held in Kampala annually. We are looking forward to touching base with many excited friends of FGW and to making more connections and train more people in the transformational tool that FGW is.

The following week I will be setting off for South Africa to be a part of the African FGW Extension Discussion workshop in Port Elizabeth. This will be an exciting time to touch base with so many experienced trainers and farmers on the very important topic of Extension. "Extension" is the training and equipping of farmers in their actual use of FGW. It includes teaching these farmers in different contexts, visiting them for follow-up and blessing, encouraging and equipping them on their journey in application of FGW principles and techniques. The FGW team in Africa is such a great family of encouragers and exhorters. I know our time will be rich!

Of course the downside to all of this activity is that I will be away from my wonderful family.

Please keep us all in your prayers as the enemy often tried to bring sickness and difficulty during my absence. We would treasure your prayers during the next two weeks. We want to see our family healthy and blessed even during my absence. Please pray for us all to have good health and that Jane will have the wisdom and energy to lead the family in my absence.

Jane has been away for a number of days overseeing some renovations on a house on the family homestead. Construction here can be pretty slow and of poor quality unless the owner is around to check on the workers. So, I have been mom and dad here at home for a little while so it will be Jane's turn over the next few weeks as I am away.

Please keep is in your prayers as we minister to those around us - whether they be farmers or not! We continue to need wisdom and courage to preach the good news -- in season and out of season!

Thanks everyone for all your care and support which takes so many forms,

Chris for the whole gang!

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