Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hello to our Friends and Family, September 8, 2007

I think this a time that most of us in the west look forward to a new season in life. With the start of September comes the beginning of a new season of school and a fresh start to the church year. Here in Uganda we also have the start of another growing season as well the children are also starting a new term in school.

We also are looking forward to a few changes in the coming months.

Firstly, we are looking forward to my cousin, Kerri, coming to stay with us for the next 10 months. She will be helping to teach the boys and fit in with our ministry work where she can. The boys are very excited to have her come. Kerri is very good with kids and I think the bays will enjoy her quite a bit. Kerri arrives on the 17th of this month.

The other change we look forward is our planned move to our new house by the beginning of December. The roof will be almost done today. We are left with the finishing work and about 1/3 of the wall-fence around. So in the next few weeks we will be plastering the inside of the house, putting in the ceilings and putting in the doors and windows. We will leave some of the work until after we have moved in.

Above you can see our truck in front of our house.

We will be excited to be in our own place. Thanks to all who have helped to make this possible. We plan to eventually add a garage and laundry/work room to the east side (to the right on the picture). Our long term goal includes building a guest house on the property. The guest house would function as an alternate source of support and a service to those who need a break from their work here.

Above are seeds we packed, ready for distribution.

As far as work, I have been busy doing seed distribution with Orphans Know More. We are not only able to give to our family network but also to other groups that are connected to YWAM projects. These groups include people who are HIV+ as well people who have lost a parent or spouse to AIDS. We also have farmers groups that we are working with. We were able to give out improved seed including beans, maize, and ground nuts as well as some “unimproved” Soya beans.

Above you can see Fred who helps me with some of the OKM give-outs, with two of the families we gave out seeds to.

We will continue the seed give out in the village surrounding the YWAM base. We will also be returning to visit the gardens of the people of whom we have given out to. This will allow us to monitor the use of the seeds and continue training the people in improved agriculture. Improved seed is a wonderful gift as it involves the efforts of the receiver to realize it’s full potential. It also opens the door for sharing the gospel and further agriculture training.

At Bushfire, our demo garden is growing well and we now have now planted all of it with various crops. The main purpose of the plot is to show people the benefits of planting in rows and the use of the various planting/weeding yokes.

Above is our demo plot with some rare (sort-of) straight rows made with the oxen and plough.

I was also able to go to Eastern Uganda (Soroti) to collect improved ground nut seed to give out and to purchase some Ox equipment for Bushfire. We purchased a ridger, a plough and a ground nut harvester. We trust that these will help to make our farming more efficient and less labor intensive.

We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers for health and safety. Isaiah, Kenny and Jane have all been on malaria treatment lately. Jane’s stomach continues to bother her; she is scheduled to see a specialist in Kampala on the 15th. We also believe that thieves have been trying to scout our current house out so we have hired an armed guard for the current month.

We value all of your prayers and support. Thanks to each of you for the role that you have played in our work here.


From the Sperlings- Chris and Jane, Andrew, Kenny, Albert and Isaiah

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

On Thursday I travelled to Soroti Town and Serere Research Station to purchase some improved seed and Ox equipment. I travelled over 600km with my co-worker and friend Appollo from Bushfire. We were able to find the seed and Equipment that we wanted.
We were assisted by my friend Pastor James Elimu (above he watches as our peanuts are shelled)who lives in Serere. I met James when we ministered there in 2003 during the Knoy insurgency into Teso (that region). James helped us find all the right people and places. We thanks God for a safe and beautiful trip. We passed the foothills of Mt Elgon ans we drove through Mbale and then the flat land of Teso that has very interesting outcroppings of rock (above and below).

Above is a typical scene of the dwarf cattle travelling along the road.