Saturday, September 1, 2007

On Thursday I travelled to Soroti Town and Serere Research Station to purchase some improved seed and Ox equipment. I travelled over 600km with my co-worker and friend Appollo from Bushfire. We were able to find the seed and Equipment that we wanted.
We were assisted by my friend Pastor James Elimu (above he watches as our peanuts are shelled)who lives in Serere. I met James when we ministered there in 2003 during the Knoy insurgency into Teso (that region). James helped us find all the right people and places. We thanks God for a safe and beautiful trip. We passed the foothills of Mt Elgon ans we drove through Mbale and then the flat land of Teso that has very interesting outcroppings of rock (above and below).

Above is a typical scene of the dwarf cattle travelling along the road.

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