Saturday, July 28, 2018

"Seaside Apartments in Summerstrand"

"Seaside Apartments in Summerstrand"

This is the second shot in a monthly series that goes with the 2018 Calendar I recently put out. The calendar is composed of shots from my Instagram account @cssperling. Each blog in this series will have a little info about the shot and then the story behind the shot. (sorry I'm a bit behind but I need to keep promises)

About the shot:
Just like the last month's shot, February's shot is from a trip to Port Elizabeth. I've had the blessing of being in the windy city a few times on work assignments with Equip. It has a feel like southern California with blue skies, amazing surf and lots of palm trees but without all the crowds!

This is a nice bright building with pleasing lines that stand out nicely in black and white. It sort of gives a Mediterranean feeling with the stark white structure against the deep blue skies. I went with the black and white as it brings out the staggered apartments accented by the tropical silhouettes  of the shrubbery against the dark hues of the blue sky.

The story:
I would pass this building as I walked from my friends' Summerstrand apartment, where I often stay in PE, on my way to buy a few favourites at the local Spar supermarket. It's a short walk in the cool brisk winter air (winter here means highs of 16-20C with lots of wind!) to a nearby mall where I would come to stock the fridge with great South African treats like pastries, cheese, along with  a favourite --my grenadine yogurt! This picture spurs fond memories of bright and blustery days on the amazing Eastern Cape. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

It's not what it looks like!

Have a look at the picture on the right. No, it’s not a poor African farmer receiving a gift from a rich white westerner who is having pity on her dire situation. No, this is a picture of a joyful woman who is giving freely and out of joy from her bountiful harvest to the people who shared the good news of farming God’s way with her. Isaac and I received a generous gift of fresh maize for roasting from this lovely lady. I love this picture because it shows a number of things that, purely by the grace of God, we have been able to attain. Firstly, starting on the left God has provided us with our intern Isaac who has a heart for sharing the gospel and teaching Farming God’s Way. God led him to us and he has been so eager to learn from me and the resource material so that he can turn around and teach and train the farmers under his care. In the middle of the picture is Mama Mutesi; she is the second person that gets me excited about this picture. She was taught by Isaac and put in her own Farming God’s Way plot and, despite being very sick during the season, has a verdant plot of maize along with some beans and sweet potatoes. I don’t think she has ever had a bountiful crop of maize like this. She will be able to provide for herself and her young children (you can’t see her infant tied to her back with the blue shawl). Another person you can’t see in the picture is you – our faithful supporter – who enables us to physically reach people like this and then to pray for the wisdom strength, protection, favour and blessing we need to reach out to farmers across Uganda. Lastly, the main reason I love this picture is that it is an image of God’s abundant provision for a woman who has started the journey of walking in faithful and knowledgeable hard work which is resulting in the release of God’s blessing toward her and her family. She represents many more in Uganda who are walking in the life that God has for his children as faithful and hardworking stewards of the people and possessions He has placed in their hands. God is so good