Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keep on Sowing

My garden is a akin to a mechanic's car -- it's in rough shape because my time is spent teaching other people how to farm. So, now that I have had a bit of time recently, I have been busy planting a few things -- and harvesting some too. It struck me the other day that we were harvesting or about to harvest some nice things from the garden - some strawberries, cucumbers and in a while some broccoli and cauliflower. Now these crops are all the more wonderful to harvest here because they are not common at all! So the thought occurred to me that it we had the privilege of harvesting some tasty fruits from the garden because we had made time to plant and care for what little we could manage.

This is so true in our work as well. I am often a little wary and even discouraged at peoples responses to Farming God's Way. It's not that people aren't excited about it. More often than not people are VERY excited about it! What is disappointing is that this excitement often does not translate into any practical application of the principles... or at least not from what I can see. I understand a little what Jesus felt when He saw people following Him for healings and miracles but few actually becoming His disciples and walking in His ways.

So as I was harvesting a little bit of produce from my garden I was heartened to remember that in the same way if I keep sowing Farming God's Way there will be a harvest of many beautiful changed lives!

Do you feel discouraged too with your work too? Have you seen changes as you persist in continuing to "sow" and continue to be faithful in the work God has called you to?