Friday, March 8, 2013

Bumpy Roads

If you've ever been to Africa you will know that we are famous for our bad roads. One such bad road exists like a barrier between me and one of my training groups. It is called Kamuli Road. It is a 67km road that has been under repair for over two years yet has yielded only about 12km of smoothly paved road. The rest is in various states of disrepair with sections of dusty dirt road but mostly just the old paved road eaten away by a minefield of potholes. 

Recently, as I was heading out to train our group of farmers headed up py Pam and Allen McEvoy (,( who are doing great work helping the locals to pick up the tool of Farming God's Way) I had to endure the infamous "Kamuli Road".  While I was trying to dodge the countless pot-holes I heard a slight "ping" from the back of my Isuzu. Just a few meters and several loud bangs down the road and I knew what had happened; my rear coil spring had either totally broken or had popped out completely. In disgust I didn't even bother getting out to check. I detoured to a parallel dirt road which I hoped would be better. It wasn't. A couple hours later of nursing my car over the bumpy terrain I arrived in hot dry Kamuli in front of the church where I was to teach at. The car was slumped over the left back tire. Further inspection showed there was no spring to be seen; it had completely" jumped out" (as the locals say). 

Discouraged, I set my attention on the training ahead. Although Allan and Pam had organised the workshop very well, only a fraction of the delegates had arrived and the time for starting had already passed. I felt another wave of discouragement sweep over me. How were we going to work with people so reluctant to keep time and prioritise the days activities? Along with the waves of heat and dry dusty air the waves of discouragement kept sweeping over me -- my enthusiasm levels were pretty low.

I have often felt like this at the beginning of a training but God has always been faithful to raise my energy and hope as I start to deliver the good news that he has put in my heart. Sometimes, this is an answer to a quick prayer other times it is God's faithful love coming through for me when I haven't even thought of asking Him for help. How much more the help is appreciated when I've asked for it!

The bumpy roads and discouragement remind me of the resistance that we often feel and encounter as we do what God wants us to do. I am reminded that we must keep scattering the good seed and let God bless it where He sees fit. If we only scatter seed where there is no resistance  we may stick to putting nice ideas on Facebook and Twitter and never get out to those who don't even know Who and what they need.

I hope you have discovered the role of resistance in your life too. It's like the waves crashing on the bow of a boat -- they only beat against the bough when the boat is moving forward.

NB-- Just make sure the resistance is not from God -- then your efforts will be futile!

If you'd like to read about the role of resistance in your life here is a great post one of my favourite bloggers Michael Hyatt:


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