Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Making Yokes

Yesterday I went to Bushfire as part of my weekly routine of visiting the children's centre on Tuesday and Thursdays. I co-ordinate this with dropping Kenny and Albert off at preshcool and then continue heading east and then north to Busembatia.

The road to Bushfire is very bad. The tarmac section just east of Jinja has been under repair for several years under different construction companies. The current company looks like they have a handle on what they are doing so hopefully we will be driving on a good road before we head back to Canada in 2009. The village road is also very bumpy and can be a bit slick in the rain too. Last week when we went with the whole family, the normal 2 hr journy took us 5 hrs because of a large traffic jam caused by one way traffic due to road construction. It was also raining so the dirt road part of the journey was also very adventuresome as it was more like driving in a river bed than on a road. The water was splashing so heavily onto the windscreen that I was having a hard time seeing the road. When the road is completed it should take just over an hour from Jinja to get to the children's home. The journey is about 80km from Jinja (90km from where we live now and will be 70km from our new place when it is built).

Bad roads aside, I had a good day at Bushfire. We were able to work more on the various yokes for planting different crops such as maize, peanuts and beans (our widest yoke is about 7 feet long). I worked with Mutale on the yokes and he will finish them within this week hopefully. We also were able to plan for moving the oxen and Peter and Mutale for a week or so to our nearby farm at Wangobo. There they will plough and get ready for planting a large garden (about 10acres) of cassava and sweet potatoes. We are getting free improved seed from NAADS (gov't extension agent) so we hope to have lots of food around Christmas.

We were also able to find parts for our plough that fit! We found them in a village shop near Bushfire -- the ones in the major trading centers did not fit properly.

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