Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ugandan Sunday

Well... we are sure we are back in the same Uganda. We have had warm wellcomes, had many visitors, near accdents, followed lorries billowing smoke, and endured long queues for daily necesseties. Today, our second full day at home in Jinja we went to church at our home Church; Deliverence Church Walukuba. We arrived at our normal time of shortly before 11am. The church normally starts at 9am but with a large family and not much for a Sunday School program we usually come after the Bible Study and Testimonies to join in worship and the message. We enjoyed the lively worship and were wellcomed to the front to greet everyone. I used 10 minutes to tell everyone that we had a great trip and to bring greetings on behalf of our church and life group. After some announcements our guest speaker was warmly wellcomed. Pastor Bishop Peter Paul Malawi was visiting from Mombassa where he has flourishing church and ministry to young people. He shared on "/Preparing
for your breakthrough". His message was very encouraging and challenging. We were challenged to see that God's grace (2Cor. 6.1) is not being poured out on us in vain. Peter Paul started his message around 12 and was done around 2pm. After the service we had many more warm wellcomes from our brethren in church. We headed into town to get some money from an ATM so we could fuel our vehicle and do some more shopping for food and household items. The first ATM had about thirty people at it, the second one on the other side of town had no money (which hadn't suprised me -- there is usaully areason why the machine is so busy). we drove back to the first ATM on main street and after pending a minute in line I decided i did not want to spend the next hour or so in a queue I decided to drive the family across the river (Nile) to another less-used ATM in front of the Breweries. We hit a traffic jam on the usually not-too-long of a drive over to
Njeru. After a few more minutes in the hot sun in the traffic jam and a few more in another ATM queue we finally got some money to put some diesel in our now empty tank. We stopped to buy some matooke on the home in Bugembe meanwhile dad had a coke and the boys enjoyed some icecream after a long wait for our currency. We were finally home to have lunch and find some more visitors waiting to see us. Just another Sunday in Uganda...

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