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Hugh? What is FGWUG? Well that is an acronym for Farming God's Way -Uganda Group. This is a group of men and women who are excited about FGW and all the potential that this method of conservation agriculture holds many of the answers fro pulling the peasant farmers of Uganda out of poverty through learning biblical principles of stewardship and agriculture techniques that suit "hand-hoe" farmers. I recently joined the group and have been asked to become the national implementor for the group. Most of the members are missionaries, nationals involved in church leadership or Christian nationals in the agricultural sector. We are developing a national strategy for how to teach and implement FGW. It is exciting to see such a diverse group of people work together to see God's Kingdom come in such a practical and meaningful way. We believe we are going to see an agriculture revolution parallel with an awakening to the understanding of the Kingdom of God. It is so great to see people start to learn to see how God has solutions for all  of life's problems - to see that everything is spiritual  -- even the way we farm!
Among our diverse group are a German widower, a Dutch Bible-school teacher, American missionaries, another Canadian widower remarried to a Canadian missionary, a Ugandan government inspector for Agriculture and even a Canadian married to a Rwandan lady (wonder who he is?) and many more...
Our next major event is a seminar hosted by the FGW guys from SA, including the chief African implementor Grant Dryden.  Grant is a great speaker is a great motivator when it comes to FGW!

I'm sure you will hear more about FGWUG as it grows and begins to tackle the idea of converting Uganda to Conservation Farming through teaching the Kingdom of God. 

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