Friday, January 11, 2013

Eleven years


Today, as a write, Jane and I celebrate 11 years of marriage! These 11 years have been full of troubles, trials, fun, joy, arguments, agreements and everything in between! Our marriage is a tribute neither to the greatness of Jane’s love for me nor mine for her; God has been the one who has been so faithful, showing us the way to love each other and to glorify Him as we try to give Christ His place as the king of our hearts. We are so blessed, especially by all of our children, the fruits of our marriage. They bless us every day and we pray that they will be arrows in the hands of our Maker; going much further and doing much greater things for The Kingdom than we could ever have dreamed.

Here is a little bit of a song by Malcolm Guite to reflect my feelings for the day:

“You can’t photograph fidelity, or merchandise restraint,
Your inner beauty won’t be selling soap.
And sometimes from the outside it might seem that love grows faint
On the inside it’s renewed each day in hope.
So there’s nothing on the surface to attract a stranger’s gaze
There’s not photo-genic posed romantic bliss,
Just two people staying faithful through the darkest winter days,
But they don’t make movies out of love like this.”

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