Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sperling health update

Good morning everyone. (This is a message to update you on our family's health; to catch you up we have all been fighting a bad strain of the flu, it seems, which resulted in us postponing our flights back to Uganda for about a week)

Thanks for all your prayer for Jane. We see some bit of improvement in her condition.

Yesterday, we were to stay overnight til this morning in the hospital with supportive treatment and waiting for more test results. The supportive treatment consisted of rehydration drips and a nebulizer to help her breathe more easily. At one point they added a drug to the nebulizer to help get her de-congested. She reacted to this drug with heart palpitations which was quite scary for her (I'm sure it felt like a heart attack to her - it took a few hours for her heart and body to settle again). As some of you may know, a patient no longer gets a bed in the Abbotsford emergency ward but just a reclining chair. Jane could not rest which is what she needed just as much if not more than medication. They were also giving her meds for her shooting pain in her head. Not a headache but occasional, random and severe shooting pain. Thus we decided to move Jane home at night to rest in our own bed. This pain has decreased since coming home and she has had a good rest and has eaten a small plate of mashed potatoes last night and a half piece of toast this morning with a glass of milk. She was able to have a bath and is feeling a bit better. We also put a humidifier in our room and this has helped her a lot.

We believe your prayers are working and we see healing as coming from the hand of God and the wisdom He gives to us as his people.

Our flights have been re-scheduled for the evening of December 1st. Pray we will be strong enough to travel by then.

Please keep praying for all of us to get rest and get completely healed from this virus. Thanks so much!


Our family at my cousin Kerri's wedding in late September.

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