Thursday, April 5, 2007

OKM Poultry Project

We now have a poultry operation with over 500 young layers in Kangalumira Village. This project is being overseen by Sam Kibwika who works with the YWAM base in that village. The plan is for the chicken operation to raise money for some of the OKM families so they can have additional income to feed and care for the children they have taken in. Currently OKM is mainly paying school fees for the children along with some other money for starting up small businesses and building houses for those in urgent need of housing.

Sam was willing to brood the chicks in one of the small rooms of his house.

We are soon moving the chicks into the main chicken house as they are now over 2 months old.

We will need to build a store and a brooding room to keep the poultry operation centralised and efficient.

We are also wanting to mix our own feeds so that we can reduce on the input costs.

I (Chris) will be helping make sure the mangement is done properly and that the business plan and technical aspects are properly executed so that a profit may be realised by the families.

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Charity said...

God bless you all as you continue to serve Him! I am praying for your health and strength and ministry! Do not become weary in doing good!