Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We're SO happy to tell all of our faithfull friends and supporters that we have been able to purchase an 1995 Isuzu Big Horn. This is a seven passenger SUV which allows us to now all fit in our vehicle. We
got it at a very good price and have been so happy with it so far.

It's so different owning a "nice" vehicle as my pick-up is more of a bush vehicle and I normally wouldn't worry so much about the paint scratching in the bush or fender-benders in the city, but now my mind-set has to change! It is a diesel which we like as petrol is so expensive. It has working A/C which is also a HUGE plus in coping with the hot weather and the un-ending dust of Jinja. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support which allowed us to get the vehicle. Some of you may recognise is as a GMC Yukon/Sub-urban - I'm guessing it is a Isuzu/GMC joint product (it is direct from Japan).

Thanks again!!

Above is a pic of Jane in her seat and another of the vehicle on a trip to a traditional wedding ceremony "in the bush".

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