Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Africa Update 4

Hello to our Dear Friends and Family,

We're sorry it has been long since we last sent an update. This has been mainly due to the fact that we have moved. This involved quited a bit of time looking for a house, then packing and cleaning the place at the YWAM base and then moving in and settling at our new place.

We have moved a bit to the west. We are closer to Jinja but further from Bushfire by about 12km. We are living just on the west side of the Nile in a place called Njeru which means "white". It has been an adjustment moving out of a community like YWAM into a regular town setting. We will still try to bring the boys to YWAM for there pre-school two days a week. They love their teachers Susan and Janet (Ugandans) who have been so loving and nice to our overly sensitive boys.

We recently had our nephew, Tugume David, with us who is more like a son to Jane and I and a brother to the boys. He lives at New Hope in Luweero in the family group I used to care for. He had so much fun with our boys -- five boys was quite a bit for us but we love them so much. He cried quite a bit when Jane's brother Augustine took him back to Nerw Hope.

We have not been so busy with work as the housing has been quite consuming but we will be getting back into things quickly now. I have been in charge of getting a bunch of t-shirts made for the OKM network as they wanted to have some nice shirts for the HIV/AIDS conference that YWAM is now hosting. This meant a number of trips to the city but the t-shirts look good and hopefully we can sell some to pay for their cost.

I am continuing with ox-work in Bushfire and we should have some planting yokes finished soon and will start planing in lines this coming season. We will also be training a few young guys in the ox-ploughing techniques so that we can conduct seminars in the village starting in the new year.

We have successfully introduced water purification tablets to the OKM group which seems to be going very well. This is saving them a lot of money as they do not have to boil all their drinking water now. It is amazing how simple things can change life so much!!

We are also happy to announce that we have a new vehicle thanks to you, our faithfull supporters. We have a Isuzu Big Horn which a 7-pasenger SUV. We are so happy with it as it has A/C which will help so much with all of the dust that plagues most of our travels here.

The boys have recently had very bad colds again and Isaiah developed pneumonia again. They are recovering now and are enjoying their new home.

I should go now and get the boys from pre-school.

We love you and appreciate all you do for us.

Chris and Jane and boyssss


Charity said...

It is So good to read from you. Praise God for the new car and house and all of the work you are doing! We love you ad are praying for you!

- The Pilkeys

violet said...

Ditto - about the 'good to read from you.' Jane, that van suits you. Glad to hear you're moved and getting better. We keep praying for you on all fronts.

love, Uncle E. & Auntie V.