Monday, July 28, 2008

above --our family with Esther. Albert, Joanna (helper),Isaiah, Tugume, Andrew, Kenny,Esther with her son Enoch, and jane

Jane and Esther watching Bujagali Falls near Jinja
It's been a while since we've put something up.

We're doing well despite quite a bit of difficulty with Jane's family. Her sister lost her husband quickly in May before I went to Canada and then recently lost her oldest daughter (it seems to cerebral malaria). Now Jane's Dad is in the Hospital with severe anemia, it seems he is bleeding from the lower intestines but they have not found the source of his bleeding. They keep putting blood in him but it disappears. He looked very thin yesterday when we visited him at the Hospital. We pray that they will see the problem quickly and he will get treatment and get on the route to recovery. It is not nice seeing him so thin -- he is already normally quite thin.

We had Jane's sister Esther here for a few days recently (this is the one who lost her husband and daughter recently) She had a nice time with us (less work and more relaxing than her everyday life in the village). We took her to Bujagali Falls and into Mabira Forest (both tourist stops) to see a bit of Uganda - She really enjoyed that!

Please pray for her that she will recover from all her grief and be able to lead her family in God's ways. She is not literate so she relys on her son to read the Bible to them as a family yet he is not that good of a reader.

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violet said...

What a gorgeous picture! The kids are getting so big. I wouldn't have recognized Isaiah. (Kenny, Uncle Ernie says you look good enough - you don't need to cover your face *smile*). Jane, when is babe due?