Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello Friends,

Here are some pics from around Jinja town where we live. Jinja is at the headwaters (source) of the Nile. It's a bit of an older town that's pretty easy to figure out and get around (except for some for the one-way streets). It's a typical bustling town where you can find almost anything you need. Wares and food is sold on the street and streets can be blocked while Lories unload their goods while parked on the road.

Above , matooke (cooking banana is sold outside of Jinja main Market while other vendors sell thir goods out of sacks on the street

Matooke is offloaded from a Lorie

A wheelbarrow with someones belongings -- a typcal and cheap metghod of getting things moved around town.

A muslim lady sews at her machine while another sells fresh bread

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