Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Arrived in Uganda

We're here! Thanks for all of your prayers -- we made it safely with most of our luggage. We had a realatively good trip -- the boys were quite good getting good chunks of sleep on the plane rides. Kenny had his birthday on two different flights. We were travelling for pretty much 24 hrs. We left on Monday evening from Vanvouver and then arrived 24hrs later in Uganda at about 10am on Wednesday morning.

We had quite a task tracking down our 20+ pieces of luggage at the Entebbe airport. Jane and the kids gaurded our heap of bags and totes while I grabbed them off the belt. Then they gaurded the luggage again while I shuttled it all through customs cart by cart to our friends and family who were waiting for us on the other side of customs. The security gaurds got to know me well after my many trips back and forth.
We then piled our stuff into a Bushfire pickup and then ourselves into a Bushfire van. We got to experience Kampalas rush hour in the heat of the day -- not a pleasant first experience for the boys. They were all so HOT.

We arrived that afternoon at hour house in Jinja at the Hopeland YWAM base. The house is very nice. It is usually occupied by a couple from Vancouver, the Gates but they are currently away til April. We would love to stay in the house for a while but will have to see what happens when the Gates return. The house has four rooms and is very spacoius compared to the trailer we lived in in Canada and the house at jane's dad's.

WE have been trying to buy things fro the house but that has been a bit tricky to get someone to care for the kids while Jane and I shop. Our nephew Steven has been here a few days so that has helped a lot.

Jinja is a very beautiful town with the Nile running just to the west of it and Lake Victoria just to it's south. The roads right now are in major disrepair but are being worked on. The major highway to Kenya runs throught the town. It is a being rebuilt in a major way so we hope in a few months we will be driving on one of the nicest roads in Uganda. As for now it is one of the worst.
Please keep praying for us to settle in. We really see a LOT of oppostition to our coming. It is much different here in Africa where one can really sense the spiritual oppostiion to God's work. We have had a number of itmes lost or stolen or not working as they should be. We are believing that God's grace will be greater than all the troubles we face.
We will start in slowly with the work with some orientation likely in the coming week. Both Sam Kitalya (Bushfire) and Sam Kisolo (Orphans Know More), the directors, have been away in the OK and Kenya, respectively. Sam Kitalya arrived yesterday so we hope to see him soon.
Zeezee, Albert, Kenny

Zeezee (Isaiah)

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violet said...

So great to see the pictures and know you got there safely. I tracked your flight on the internet and knew it was arriving later than scheduled.

So Jane, I hear you'll be shopping for some new clothes.

These updates are great - now we can pray specifically.