Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Go Trevor

OK, time for something random and off topic.

I've been really happy lately with the Canucks recent thrust to the top of their division, especially since Tevor Lynden has been scoring a few times and hopefully silencing some of his doubters . I'm a Trevor Lynden fan from a long ways back. He's been playing since I was in my mid teens -- my favourite number has been 16 for a long time (Jane's room number at her hostel was 16). I don'ty know Trevor a lot but he seems to always exude class and humility. Plus he's just a hard working guy. You can always tell when he's out on the ice (even if you can't see his number) by the lumbering, thrusting way he skates and the way he holds his elbows back a bit.

If the Canucks can put in consistant efforts along with their great goaltending from Luongo they can get well into the play-offs this year.

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