Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Count down...

Well friends we are getting close to our departure date. We are officailly released to leave now by Equip so thanks to you all who have supported us and given generously towards the work we will be doing. We will really value your prayers and continued support over the next days and weeks to come as we settle back into Uganda.

We will be living at Hopeland which is the YWAM base here in Jinja, Uganda. It will be very hot and humid when we arrive. We hope we'll all adjust well to the many changes quickly.

We have spent the last week packing up our 15 pieces of luggage (each about 70lbs) plus our 5 carry-on pieces. We're trying to sort out what to pack, what to send to mom and dad's for storage, what should go to VV, what we could maybe sell, and what should be trashed. We are now pretty much packed and need to mainly work on getting rid of the rest of the stuff in the houseand then cleaning the house. Lots to do but it seems we are on schedule.

We'll be leaving on the 15th at 8.30. Please pray that all will go well and we'll have a good flight and a good connection in London. We leave London at around 9pm (UK time) on Tuesday and arrive 8.30 am (Uganda time) in Entebbe. Kenny will be celebrating his Birthday in Heathrow - we'll see what we can do for an airport party.

By the way we'll be on Yahoo messanger so you can talk to us/see us (we have a built-in web cam) if you track us down on our usual yahoo address (

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