Friday, September 11, 2009

background to Uganda Violence

This weekend the leader of the Kingdom of Buganda is planning his annual visit to Kayunga District against the wishes of the central government.  The disagreement has resulted in a stand-off which appears to be fueling long-standing grievances between the Kingdom of Buganda and the central government, and between different political factions within the kingdom. The Central Government has said that it did not want to let the proposed visit go ahead because of disagreements and threats of violence on the ground between the Banyala and Baganda in Kayunga District. The Banyala and Baluli have sought to secede from the Kingdom of Buganda now for some time. It is rumours that the main leader of the Buganda Parliament was arrested while going to prepare for the meeting in Kayunga that set off the riots in Kamapaa (which is in Buanda and obviously home to Baganda). The Baganda radio station (CBS) has been accused of inciting the Baganda agianst Police and government very openly on the radio. As of the afternoon of September 10th, 2009, violent protests are occurring in downtown Kampala as a result of this situation in Buganda .

By the way, much of our work (the Sperlings under OKM) in the last few years was done at the south end of Kayunga District so pray that our Ugandan friends will be safe there.

(this post is a combination of Chris's writing and an e-mail forwarded from the US government to it's citzens in Uganda) 

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