Friday, September 11, 2009

a perspective on the curretn Kamapal Violence

Below is some communication forwarded to me by a friend whose dad is currently in Uganda on a missions trip. I think he has a pretty good handle on a lot of the issues at hand. The writer Ron, is a friend of my friend's dad -- more importantly, a fellow believer, so I think his perspective is very good as well as his general knowledge of the political and social landscape there in Uganda

Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009

This report is a bit lengthy but is written to give you non media perspective and understanding about what is going on here at the moment. If you are pressed for time just hit the RED "X"
Varying reports are coming from the four corners here this morning. Anti government media sources report things worse than they are and pro government media underplays things so somewhere in the middle is the actual situation. The streets downtown are mainly quiet as most businesses have remained closed and police have a heavy presence. News media are advising/ordering all foreigners and expats to stay at home today which is logical given the
dynamics at work at the moment. As far as I know, all foreigners are safe and have not been attacked. We live in the southern part of the city and it is peaceful here so far. I spoke with a Police friend this morning and he told me that the intelligence has been at work and the police
will be getting the bad guys soon. He also said that the eastern side of trhe city will be intense today as the melee moves out toward the town of Mukono then on to Kayunga where the Kabaka (Bugandan king) is supposed to be addressing the Youth Celebration. He said the fight will end in Kayunga tomorrow. Kayunga is 40 kms out of Kampala. The President went on the air last night and laid out certain criteria for the event if it is to continue. Make no mistake, this is a planned and orchestrated event to cast a bad light on the government and personally on President Museveni. Trying to grasp all the issues is not possible but this is a confrontation between the tribal king of the largest ethnic group in Uganda and a President, both asserting their dominant positions. The tribal king is a man who actively practices and consorts with demons and withcraft. His nice suit will fool the Western mindset. The real issue being revealed here at least in my view is this...

Without a vision people perish. Uganda is a nation of young people, the median age of a Ugandan being 14 years 6 months. Very high unemployment, a lot of illiteracy and uneducated youth with no job, nothing to do, no purpose in life, no direction to focus their energy, and you have a large group of the population who are very easily manipulated into violence and mayhem. This would be like "party time" for a large portion of them who are
uneducated as to the political motivations for this issue and who, frankly, could even care less.  Protesting the government and the President is not a justification to loot and pillage innocent business people and burn their stores. Last night they stopped buses on the highway into town and beat and robbed the passengers. Lots of stories are emerging about the mayhem that is completely not germaine to the political situation at hand but I think the police will be getting stronger control on these things as the day progresses.

While it is difficult to agree with all the Presidents actions and philosophies, he is trying to steer the country in a positive direction and has moved Uganda a very long way towards a stable free market economy. There is freedom of the press unlikey matched anywhere else in Africa. The move towards a democratic society is well underway. Only the naive think that democracy should have happened overnight. At this juncture in the history of Uganda, he is by far the right man to be President and has a clear and deep understanding of globalism, economics, democracy, and the pursuit of being a nation free from Western support and becoming a nation controlling its own destiny is his dream. Oppositon elements cant understand that and cannot articulate any clear vision that would make them more desirable to be the government. So their methodology is to create violence and fear and intimidation, using the youth and their unfocussed energies to achieve the bent and twisted aims of the manipulators. Pray for the peace and welare of Kampala and for the youth that are misguided and misdirected in their life. They really need Christ to give them purpose. In reality,this event is only a blip on the spiritual radar screen. We continue to believe that Almighty God has plans far beyond the lower human understanding for this nation and we see a massive revival coming. Uganda holds a pivotal position in the spiritual warfare over Africa and this skirmish
is powers of darkness coming against the authority and rule of Christ in Uganda. Last we d lost seriously. he is a completely defeated foe of the Kingdom of God but knows what the stakes are in Uganda. We sense Uganda is about to be the focal point of a spiritual revival of immense proportions that will have global effects, not just national or even regional.

There has been a corruption of many top leadres in the born again movement here that is of spiritual significance. We believe that even as there is an exposure of the rot in the status quo leaders, there is also a deep cleansing and repentance occuring as well. New leaders are arising and taking the baton with renewed determination to walk uprightly before God.This is one of the most praying nations in Africa if not the world and the Body of Christ is being reinvigorated to unprecedented prayer for Uganda and Africa. These prayers are stirring hell and inviting Heaven and the reaction to prayer is now being seen in these riots. But riots will not prevail nor  become the trademark. Before peace can be achieved, a battle must take place and that is exactly what is happening.

Many of our friends are concerned about our welfare. We are fine and very safe and thank you for your care for us.

Hope this helps you to understand the underlying issues a little better and helps you to know how to focus your prayers for the situation at hand.



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