Monday, September 28, 2009

Skulls and Flames

It is very interesting when we learn a bit about what the Bible teaches us on the subject of the devil and how he works. He is called both a robber and a thief. He is definitely both -- but these are not the same words -- neither do they involve similar strategies. Living in Africa has shown me that Satan is a robber; he tries to violently remove from us both our physical and spiritual possessions. A robber uses violence to get his job done. He is confident that his use of force will get the job done. Think of a highway robber -- he is usually armed to the teeth to outduel the stagecoach or the armoured car. in Uganda we see witchcraft, poverty, and death all staring us and taunting us to our face. In Uganda we face continual agressive attempts to remove our faith, hope and joy through Satans's fear campaign.
I find that Satan's technique in the west, where we are "developed", is one of thievery. Our enemy uses tricks like over-exosure,deception and mindgames to slowly turn up that the heat under our cauldren of self-indulgence. Interesting how common symbols of death and hell have become very commonplace on our clothing, vehicles and coffee mugs. We seem to be in love with skulls,bones and flames! Cool or Crazy?? How abzurd that we love the symbols of death and hell! We are now coming to a season when we celebrate death and evil! We think ghosts and gobblins are a joke -- we think hell is a joke!! Satan is decieving us to death. Just because we see flames and skulls in the most ordinary of places every day doesn't make hell cease to exist nor does it keep the devil off our back. The demons and witchdoctors in Uganda are agents of the devil; so are t-shirt shops and media companies in Canada. The reality is Satan wants our soul -- wether he gets it by thievery or robbery makes no difference to him. The scariest place is not in a witchdoctors hut, nor in a haunted house--the scariest place is a soul without Jesus - a soul bound for hell!
The wonderful thing is that while we have life and breath we can turn to God and ask Him to come and chase out all the evil that has bound us so tightly! His wonderful life and light will then fill us!

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