Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Tour

On Friday morning we start off on our speaking tour of Western Canada. We will start in the Okanagan and work our way up through Prince Georga and then to Ceceil lake, which is near Fort St. John. After speaking in Cecil Lake we will travel down through Edmonton and on to Dalmeny, SK. We will stay there a few nights and visit some of my dad's brothers and their families(they are all --4 of them -- in Saskatchewan now -- the sister -all f of them-- are living in BC). After Dalemny we head down to Lucky Lake where we will speak in Beechy as well as Prairie Centre as well as Lucky Lake itself.

It will be so good to see so many friends and family that we have not seen in a few years. The boys are mostly old enough  to now remember and enjoy this trip. Jane has a bit of a hard time with staying with people as we always have to be worried if we are doing the right thing in someone elses home. Most of our friends and family that we will stay with are pretty relaxed so I don't think it should be too bad.

We just had a weekend in Courtneay, BC which was quite good and we made a good connection with Courtenay Fellowship Baptist Church. We're thankful for our friends George and Sharon Henly who helped to connect us to their church. We found the congregation to be quite warm and down to earth. It's interesting that the further you go from the city the more time people seem to have and the more friendly they seem to be. I guess I'm a "country people" at heart. Andre Crouch has an old song called "God Love Country People". Perhaps that's another reason I love the farmers of Uganda.

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