Thursday, September 10, 2009

better bloggers

Well friends, this should be an easier way for us to blog as we only have to send posterous an e-mail in order to post a blog. Our blogging from Uganda was pretty pathetic as getting on the computer to blog was not too easy and even when we did blog it was pretty irregular. So, since I can use my phone very easily for e-mailing both here in Canada and back home in Uganda this blog should stay fairly up to date. I should be able to blog even from the field as I work in Uganda so it should be almost more like elaborate twittering. It's crazy how much technology has changed since I first arrived in Uganda in 1995. I remember driving about 20km from New Hope up to Luweero town Post Office to check wether there were any faxes to pick up(and of course there was lots of snail mail to pick up too). I also remember my huge first Ericsson phone. My first cell phone was in Uganda, actually. It was the good ol Ericsson 1018 which was best used when I was still courting Jane and would call her in the evenings at the NAREC guesthouse where she stayed on one of her Catering practicums in Kampala and also when she was staying at the Vanderoots in Makindi. Now I have my world phone Nokia e61i (which to many people is already an "old" phone) that I use wherever I am. These tools are great for so many things -- in all they are tools to further the kindom of God. We're so happy to be able to stay in touch with all of you one way or another. So off we go on our effort to be better bloggers.

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