Thursday, September 10, 2009

Uganda Violence

Today riots errupted in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Officially there are three dead but it could be more than that. Gangs of youth looted and roughed up people who seemed to be of tribes from Western Uganda (the same tribe as the President) citing the government's decision to block the traditional King of the Baganda's (the main tribe from central Uganda)visit to Kayunga a district North and East of Kampala. Kampala is in the Buganda kingdom thus, obviously, having many sympathisers with the Kabaka's cause in the city. It's so discouraging to see these riots and violence because they obviously do nothing to solve problems and do alot to take the country backwards into violence and bloodshed. We know that there is a lot of witchcraft involved and associated with many of Uganda's tribal kings. Although these problems have many roots and sides to them we are realising the connection between violence/bloodshed and the country's overall involvement in witchcraft. There had been a meeting today, presumably preceding the violence with top Baganda witchdoctors on how they could get the Kabaka (King of Baganda) to Kayunga. We don't know why the government blocked this movement of the Kabaka but there must be some major reason. Please pray for peace in Uganda but also pray that people would turn from darkness (witchcraft) to light. Please also pray ahead of our return that God would prepare people to hear the message of the gospel and the call to become
 Jesus' disciple.

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